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Rowenta Pro Steam Iron Model Dw5192

The rowenta pro steam iron is a high-powered machine that's perfect foroldsing or pressing clothing. With a1750 watts of power, this iron can handle even the most strenuous of tasks. Plus, the blue finish gives it a sleek look.

Rowenta Pro Steam Iron Model Dw5192 Amazon

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Cheap Rowenta Pro Steam Iron Model Dw5192

The rowenta pro steam iron is a key product in any steam iron category. It's a 1750 watt iron that's perfect for the smaller details in your ironing. The iron has a 1750 wattatts of power and can achieve a smooth, close-cropped hair style. this rowenta pro steam iron is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a powerful and efficient steam iron. This iron has a 1750 watt capacity and can easily create hair, skin, and clothing steams. The blue color is perfect for any home or office. The iron can handle 1750 watts of power and comes with a blue light to help you see the job correctly.