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Handheld Steam Iron

This handheld steam iron is perfect for clothes steaming or cleaning. It has a 1500w power rating that can fresh-starting or even new clothes. This iron also includes a detachable cord wrap which makes it perfect for travel or storage.

Garment Steam Iron

Looking for a way to add a little bit of personality to your laundry room decor? Check out ourgarment steam iron! This little beauty does a great job of ironing clothes quickly and efficiently. Plus, it has a lot of fun features that will make you love it more. So why not give it a try today!

Steam Iron Vs Garment Steamer

The steam ironing process is once again but an addition step after the washtubs and washer. You can also steam ironing process using the micro steam iron machine. This machine is also small in size which makes it great for travel. The machine can also remove wrinkles and appreciate clothes quickly. the steam iron is a great tool for ironing clothes. It is handheld so you can use it anywhere, and it is easy to find when you need an iron. The steam iron also irones clothes quickly so you can get your clothes done in minutes. this handheld steam iron is perfect for clothes that are not too thick or not with perfect weight. It can be used with just a few drops of water or milk, and it is even possible to steam-up clothes with a mere few drops of gas. The small, lightweight iron is easy to hold and requires very little space for storage. Use the handheld steam iron to- press the fabric against the body of the iron, then allow the fabric to cool. Now, use the fast heat-up feature to create a fast-drying fabric. Once the fabric is hot, press one half of the fabric against the other,